3 … 2 … 1… BLOG

Hello, my dear students!

Do you feel just as excited as me? I hope so! 
Probably some of you have tried blogging already, maybe you have a blog right now or maybe your secret identity is a youtube star, but for me this is something new and I am doing my best to make your English lessons more fun, more interesting and more rewarding. 

When creating your blogs, I want you to make them personal, I mean, write about things that make you happy or things that you love. This is a place where I expect you to express yourselves. This isn’t only a way to develop your English skills, as you can see, you need to practice also your IT skills, you have to learn how to

communicate, you have to look for information and be creative by writing something interesting and making your own unique blog design. This is a place for experiments.

I want you to look at this as an adventure that we are taking together. It will be much like climbing a mountain, there will be some rocky grounds, some dangerous places, but still, the view from the top is amazing! So, get into your walking boots and lets start our journey!

Remember that I am always here to help you and support you! So don’t be scared to ask me questions!


Have a nice adventure!

Sintija –